Josh Kodroff, Code Craftsman

Writings on software development

About Me

My name is Josh Kodroff and I’m a software developer living in Philadelphia.

My Philosophy

I believe in software as a craft and strive to exemplify that in my work. The particular tools I use aren’t that important to me. What is important is creating something of high quality that people find useful and enjoyable to use. Hopefully, that first goal results from a process that’s fun for developers to work within. I value the virtues of honesty, skill, collegiality, gratitude, and a sense of humor. I strive to cultivate these virtues and enjoy working with people who feel the same.

Interests, Past and Present

I’ve spent most of my career developing enterprise software, and since I have to go to work every day, most of my learning has been focused on making that as painless as possible. Some things that I’ve learned about and applied include:

  • domain-driven design
  • distributed systems
  • continuous integration
  • automated deployment

In addition, I’m looking forward to learning more about:

  • functional programming
  • devops
  • JavaScript front-end frameworks (React, Angular, etc)

Non-Software Stuff

When I’m not working or doing code stuff, I enjoy cooking, making music, and hiking in the Wissahickon.